About me and my blog

This blog started at the end of 2010 to RSS-feed my Amazon blog   to communicate with my neurosurgery book readers. It has evolved a bit more since.  I realised that every time I was texting or emailing friends about things that happened during my day not only they kept asking for more but, somehow, I felt good just by writing about it.

It does say in the heading that this blog is pages from my journal but in reality are selected snippets as I am aware that a wide variety of (20,000+) people are reading my blog. For what’s not included here, you have to wait for my autobiography :-)

If you are a patient I would suggest that you visit my patient education website (www.advanced-neurosurgery.com). In my blog, entries about patients have been modified to protect their anonymity.

You can find more about me here www.georgesamandouras.com

Neurosurgery is one of my great passions in life but this Blog is at the outskirts of neurosurgery. Let’s say its a (curious) neurosurgeon’s way of seeing the world!


2 Responses to About me and my blog

  1. christinam01 says:

    Your writings are thoroughly enjoyable. I find anything related to medicine entertaining, so this is a blog worthy of following. Neurology is exceptionally fasicinating and I look forward to your posts. Cheers

  2. Hello Mr. Samandouras. My name is Nataliia and I am one of a group of Ukrainian doctors who have visited your hospital this summer. Of course you do not remember me. Reading your blog is as much pleasure as watching your work. Just remembering a great time in London and wanted to say hello to you.

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